entry level market services

AKA INTERNATIONAL provides market entry services to the foreign companies and new businesses, before they enter to the market. This help them to learn the benefits, costs and their competitors in the market and they can make the best decision to begin and make their agreements accordingly.

Experts from AKA INTERNATIONAL work with clients pursuing the possibility of expanding their services in different countries.

During the research, we do the following according to the needs of our client:

  • Determine the most appropriate program structure, strategy in each country;
  • Find the distributors or business partners,
  • Find the locations to open the new company
  • Identify personnel to manage and staff operations;
  • Select servicing partners;
  • Help identify country-specific tax, accounting and financial reporting requirements inherent in financing programs;
  • Determine system needs and select the appropriate technology platform;
  • Secure necessary licenses to operate the business in each country; and,
  • Train employees to assure their success etc.

During the market search we use the tools like internet search, face to face meetings, company visits or visiting and collecting data from the sales points. We suggest some strategies at the end of the market research as well.

Our international experience is strong in the markets of Turkey, European Countries, Australia and developing countries around Turkey as well as Africa. However, through our connections, we provide services in USA, UK, Asian Countries, Indonesia and Singapore and in many different countries.