Business Partner Matching Services

We help our clients to establish new business relations or business partnerships within the market or in the markets of other countries. Until today, we’ve connected lots of businesses with new opportunities.

All process begins by understanding our clients; their needs and expectations. You tell us about your specific need, such as finding a joint venture partner to help you expand into a new market, and then we have our following process to find you the right match:

The AKA process:

  • Get the needs and goals of the client,
  • Get the clients’ written company information,
  • Make a market search, SWOT & PEST analysis in case of need,
  • Analyze the dynamics and cultural differences in the market,
  • Suggest strategies and describe the suitable potential business partner profile accordingly,
  • We search the potential companies through our database and other resources and make our long list,
  • Find you the right match,
  • Then make the introduction,
  • So that you can continue your contacts.
  • Furthermore, we recommend also companies that we think you should work with.

During this process, our expert team make the first contacts and visit the potential companies to analyze them according to the expectations of our client. According to the results of the meetings, we prepare our shortlist and report them to our client. The next step is arranging our clients’ first contact and visit.

During the process, we can cooperate with our legal and financial team at the levels that you need support, as well.


We also care about that you will receive top quality, a reliable and long term business relation with your business partners. We follow the process until it comes to an agreement and also get the references of the potential business partner from the market.