About us

Who We Are

The roots of our group goes to the foundation of AKA Architecture and Construction Company founded by Ilham Güven AkA in 1970s.

His children continued to their professional life in the fields of International Business Development, Company Management and Information Technologies.

Although the Group companies AKA INTERNATIONAL (İstanbul / Turkey) and APPLIKA (Canberra / Australia) are new companies, the owners have more than 20 years’ experience in their fields.

AKA INTERNATIONAL Consultancy and Trading Company” is an international consulting and business development company located in Istanbul, Turkey.

AKA International functions mainly as “the business partner” of the international clients to enter in the Turkish market and to build long-term business relations in the market. We supply services also to the Turkish companies that are going to make joint ventures and business development projects locally or internationally.

We are experienced to work with large corporate clients as well as we help to the business development of the middle sized developing companies, where we carry extensive knowledge and expertise.



  • AKA INTERNATIONAL provides tailored research and consulting services according to the needs of the clients. One of our assets is having expertise and know how to work with different companies and cultures almost in all continents.
  • Local and international business experience, professional know-how, result oriented approach, know-how in the cultural differences, working with experts in the team, being a connection point of different countries, follow-up processes are other assets of the Company.
  • Being a member of AKA GROUP of Companies, AKA INTERNATIONAL enables the know how to work as a connection point between different countries and business know-how, especially between Australia, Turkey and Europe.
  • The Group Company, Applika is located in Canberra, Australia and the business partners are located in the Netherlands. The Company has also business relations with the Chamber of Commerce or Trading Offices from different countries.
  • AKA INTERNATIONAL provides innovative and entrepreneurial professional services, providing the right solutions and qualified, talented professional people when you need them.