Market Research

AKA INTERNATIONAL provides market entry services to the foreign companies and new businesses, before they enter to the market. This help them to learn the benefits, costs and their competitors in the market and they can make the best decision to begin and make their agreements accordingly.

Knowledge is more critical than ever in today’s economy. AKA INTERNATIONAL’s market research services can give your organization and edge over your competition. Whether you need to keep abreast of current markets or entering new ones, market research provides much needed intelligence on real-time conditions, challenges, and issues.

The team at AKA has years of experience working with our clients to identify and conduct different types of market research most critical to their business. Our services include customized surveys, in-depth market research reports, and competitive analysis. AKA has a highly qualified team with desired skills set, and years of experience.

During the market search we use the tools like internet search, face to face meetings, company visits or visiting and collecting data from the sales points etc. according to the need of the client and the report level. We do SWOT or PEST analysis and suggest some strategies at the end of the market research as well.

After our market research services, we can provide you market entry level services. For further details please see our related page.