New Customer Discovery Services

The process of formulating a value proposition statement is an essential part and a critical step for early-stage startups in the market.

A value proposition can be defined as follows: “A product’s value proposition is a statement of the functional, self-expressive and emotional benefits delivered by the brand that provides value to the target customer.”

This is because developing a value proposition is one of the first major steps towards creating a business; it precedes and enables the design of your business model.

The first step after that is called “customer discovery,” and its primary objective is to identify your first customers. We achieve this by making a market research and taking your main assumptions about who your customer is, the exact problem you are solving for the customer, and how the customer will buy from you.

Here at AKA INTERNATIONAL, we carry extensive searches for your main customers and how you will reach them in the market.

During the search of the potential local customers, we first make the market research to find out the best and possible distribution and sales methods suitable to your products in the market.

According to the results of the market research, we continue to search the biggest and powerful customers or your buyers to enable this. We make the list of the companies, make the first contacts and visit them. According to the results of the meetings we report them to our clients and arrange their visit to the short listed companies.

We also care about that you will receive top quality product distribution, full warranty protection, and reliable technical support from a local source. We care about your long term business relation with your clients.

We take advantage of everything possible to make this happen – our knowledge and our capabilities. This makes us what we are:

  • Experts who don’t give up.
  • Professionals who make the working day easier for you.
  • Market specialists who can always get a little more out of your products and services.

If you need assistance finding new customers in the market or would like us to develop a new product for you, please call or email us.