Company Formation

As you set up in a new country, we make the incorporation process fast and painless. AKA INTERNATIONAL services are designed from the ground up to suit the needs of today’s international business community.  Our services include:

  • Discovery for a suitable location & office for the company formation,
  • Arranging the financial, accounting and legal services during company foundations,
  • Setting up a registered office,
  • Post incorporation services and structure implementation,
  • Appointing industry qualified company directors,
  • Appointing qualified CFO and other staff,
  • Other necessary services during and after the establishment of the company.

AKA offers incorporations and ready-made companies in a wide variety of countries including Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Experienced staff have long standing relationships with local agents in lots of countries and we ensure all filing and renewals are kept up to date.

For any queries regarding the above name services or any other, please contact us.